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The Impossible Quiz 3

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Looking for a quiz game that can boggle your mind and make you smarter? Well, look no further than The Impossible Quiz 3. As the name suggests, this is the third version of the well-known flash game Impossible Quiz. It is developed by Splapp-me-do and comes with lots of questions that the player needs to answer correctly in order to win it.

The questions are quite hilarious and mind-blowing, but you just need to think outside the box to answer them correctly. At the start, the game presents you with a funny videos that describes the storyline. After going through the video, you can click on the "Go Go Go" button to access the questions.

The Impossible Quiz 3 has 50 questions which are treated like levels. When you answer the current question correctly, the next question pops up. The game gives you 5 lives which are the number of mistakes it allows. When you make 5 mistakes, you lose the game! To continue playing, you will need to start the game all over again. The mistakes are inevitable, you can't avoid them. But the most important thing is to relax and enjoy answering the funny questions.

The goal of the Impossible Quiz 3 game, is to answer all the 50 questions with no, or little amount mistakes. The system awards you with grade A if you complete the questions with zero mistakes. If you make some mistakes, you will get grade B, C and D depending on the number of mistakes.

Quiz games are well known to be boring, but this one is not! The Impossible Quiz 3 is the best quiz game, ever created. From the start to finish, you will enjoy a cool design that features nice colors and easy-to-use interface. It also has some thrilling sounds that will keep you enthusiastic. Concerning how to play the game, you will need your mouse. Just use your mouse to click on the navigation buttons and the correct answers.

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